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To Russia with love ... to be killed

With the big previous experience from communistic times, now KGB - FSB serves a mafia of Moscow mayor J.Luzhkov, carrying out their orders, killing witnesses of crimes Luzhkov, simply objectionable to him businessmen, financiers, politicians and active workers.

The basic modes are known, we result only a few characteristic.

_____Usual physical means.

Deputy Mossovet, professor Jury Maksimov. Tried to investigate affairs Luzhkov on construction of Northern thermal power station (see the book "Moscow - empire of darkness") and on plunder and resale abroad black oil from other thermal power stations. At night for March, 1, 1991 of him have detained, have poured in him of 2 litres of vodka (under the certificate of medicolegal examination of an affair and *8470; 225 with 91) also have put with the punched head in underground transition on Pushkin the areas.

Too, subsequently, wanted to make and from L.Rohlin, but he was ready to this (itself then spoke on TV), with him have acted differently.

_____An attack, a robbery, torture.

Executors thus are controllable, from FSB gangster groupings (crime #1663/1441 in OVD "Lublino" ). Means.

_______Provocative explosions, including in trolley buses (spring 1996. - 2 explosions in empty trolley buses in Moscow and 1 explosion in SPb) . In SPb was separate Luzhkov's banda for A.Sobchak's offset at elections.

_____Instigation, technical training to explosions in a gas network (Shchelkovo, document *8470; 58g-2000 from 13.02.2000.).

______Chemical means, poison gases. Recollect death of banker I.Kivilidi and of secretary and the reason - poisoning powder in a telephone tube. Then the banks organized by him did not submit to Luzhkov, hanged LuzhGus Most - bank.

______Application of radioactive substances and radioactive irradiation for fatal speedup of oncological diseases.

Basically used before elections 89-90, at communists. There were cases when died out families. But also now still a mode suitable. More often not to the most objectionable a politics, and to hisrelatives.

____the Psichotronic weapon (with variants electromagnetic, infrasonic, ultrasonic, modulated etc. irradiations). Of the weapon of the first generation of you officially warned 20 August, 91. on meeting at a building of the Moscow's "white house". The engineering develops. It is more than users. For example, under the application of the inspector of the State Office of Public Prosecutor such equipment was and among withdrawn at a search in service of protection of the Media-bridge.

__Variants of application.

__ Application to autodrivers (and can already and to ?via -?). Coordination is broken, the driver starts to wind a rudder. On the big speed the machine leaves aside with good failure. But also executors sometimes have mistakes. In May 1995 in one of orders have hastened with application of this weapon, speed at the machine after turning movement still was small, crash was easy, double, with passing machine. But also easy failure is too a problem, and FSB arranges.

__ It is applied, when the person passes through road or close stands at road or on a platform. Itself falls under transport and to kick it is not necessary.

__ And, at last, it is applied to the person who is taking place in an apartment.

_ So FSB has arranged N.L., to the adviser regional administration "Kapotnja", week on it have spent. He complained to friends about a terrible nervous and physical condition at a presence in the house, that at night even could not sleep. And then (14.07.98), has not sustained and it was hung up on a balcony. (appendices)

_ Applied to family Beljaevs in May - June 96. It was necessary to be in time then before re-elections Luzhkov. However, if the person is ready to such modes, others were applied also.

___ Such, so-called, in Moscow it is a lot of suicides. Crimes these will not be investigated. On money of Luzhkov's mafia everywhere there are its executors, in MASS-MEDIA russish and foreign, in Offices of Public Prosecutor, in both Dumas, in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and in FSB. The security service is safety of a Luzhkov's mafia from people.

V.V.Putin so is afraid Luzhkov. And the premium, given by Putin to Luzhkov, is a premium from Luzhkov to his banda-killers.

Who I am?

The text has prepared Beliaev Vladimir Michajlovitch.

Earlier I lived in Moscow.In 1990-1993 I was deputy of Mossovet. I am the witness of crimes of mayor Luzhkov. For it FSB tried to kill me and my family. In 1999, after an attack of gangsters from FSB on my apartment, torture of my son, we have left from Moscow for other city.

141100 MO, Shchelkovo, street Central 9, 317.




The given text was issued almost year, weekly in


The initial variant of the text in January of this 2001, in connection with coming then anniversary (10 years) murders of deputy Mossovet Jury Maksimov, officially was received by all prefects, almost all deputies of MosGorDuma, the government of Moscow, a mayoralty ( it is registered 12.01.01). The majority of addressees has run with the report to Luzhkov but to consider this question and were not solved.

About honour and advantage of high Treason Luzhkov (" the Temple on blood of muscovites ") and *8470; 67/98 in Moscow the information in http://xramluj.narod.ru.

About other known crimes Luzhkov and FSB




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